3:2 | Recent work

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Stretched canvas 75x50 cm $250.00   
Stretched canvas 100x66 cm $360.00   
Stretched canvas 150x100 cm $550.00   
Fine art print 75x50 cm $190.00   
Fine art print 100x66 cm $290.00   
Fine art print 150x100 cm $390.00   
Framed fine art print 75x50 cm $450.00   
Acrylic 100x66 cm $750.00   
Framed fine art print 100x66 cm $650.00   
Acrylic 150x100 cm $1,100.00   
Acrylic 75x50 cm $450.00   
Australia wide$20.00
Please contact me for International shipping rate$0.00
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